Tips on Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe defines who you really are, you own every style, and makes you feel confident. For most people, the total number of items for every season is not less than 30.

Items in your capsule should be able to mix and match perfectly and most importantly offer you comfort. The main point of having a capsule wardrobe is to simplify your wardrobe by creating your signature style. Pick your favorites the right fits and sizes, donate pieces you’ve not worn in a long time.

Be Realistic

Creating your dream or celebrity capsule wardrobe is usually tempting but you have to be realistic and practical. Make sure your capsule reflects your daily activities. Don’t be carried away by trends, they often fade away. One trend won’t be around in the next season.

Invest in quality pieces that you’ll be able to wear in the next seasons to come. It is not necessary to go out of your comfort for the sake of cute pieces. Always remember to choose comfort over tolerance. Wear what you can move away around with even if it’s probably not your first choice.

Consider the Weather Where You Live

When creating a wardrobe, consider the season and the weather of the place you live. You might be excited picking light clothes thinking about spring but maybe around your area, it rains during spring. Pick the right shoes to encounter the weather, it would be disastrous having the right clothes but the shoes fail you.

In winter stack up lots of long bottoms, gloves, jackets, scarfs, sweaters, and cardigans. Even in summer, you can’t rule out the possibility of not being cold, have at least one or two warm clothing.

Choose the Right Fit and Size

Clothing that fits you properly makes you feel great. Don’t think for a second that you’ll buy a dress that’s small hoping to lose a few pounds to be able to fit in, or hold on to that pair of pants that didn’t turn out flattering on you. One rule with a capsule wardrobe is there’s is no such thing as “someday” or “almost”.

Whichever size you are right now or the shape you hope to achieve, pick clothes that for you at the moment. The right clothing will look better in your body shape instead of choosing too big or smaller sizes. Simple and minor alterations can be done by an experienced tailor but be careful to not ruin the fabric.

basic wardrobe pieces

Have the Basic Pieces

There are colors and certain pieces that make the best capsule wardrobe. Neutral and classic colors such as white, black, and blue are necessary. These colors go with almost everything and apart from that they appear classy.

The classic colors are important ones they won’t start to look as if you’ve worn them for a lifetime compared to bright colors and patterns. It is highly unlikely to notice someone wearing the same piece more than once a week. The basic wardrobe pieces include a top, jeans, T-shirts, cute skirts, and cardigans.

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