Best Fabrics For Sleepwear

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When you sleep, you should feel as comfortable as possible, and that means a good pair of comfy pajamas for your body and mind. Sleepwear, bed linen and textiles can play an essential role in how well you sleep at night. You have probably been told to wear light, loose, breathable fabrics to sleep, but you want to be able to fall asleep with your body and feel comfortable, not only in bed but also in the air around you.

Textiles have been used for a long time for a good reason, so choose the best fabric that suits your body and environment. Here are some of the most popular materials for nightwear, from cotton to polyester, wool to cotton, and even silk.


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Apparently, there are thousands of different types of cotton fabrics, and it may require a little preparation to find the best one for your bed. For this reason, soft cotton fabric can still be the right choice for nightwear and bedding. Bed linen is one of the most common bedlinen fabrics for nightwear worldwide. They are extremely common, durable, and easy to wash, but they are not as durable as other fabrics such as linen.

American highland cotton (usually referred to as “100% cotton”) is still soft, but the quality can vary widely. It should be noted that cotton is not well insulated, with the exception of cotton flannel. So if you are prone to cold at night, you should opt instead for a cotton bed linen or even a wool blanket. If you sweat a lot at night, cotton can absorb a lot of moisture, potentially causing discomfort and creating bacteria in the house.


Wool can be quite itchy, which can irritate the skin at night, but it is a great insulator to keep the temperature right. It is very breathable, and for this reason, blends of merino wool and merino wool are often mixed together because of their excellent breathability and insulation. Because merino wool is a mixture of two different types of wool and is absorbent, the wool fibers also remove moisture from the skin, as they can effectively evaporate, making it very comfortable to sleep in.

This sounds like an excellent choice for a warm, dry, and comfortable sleep, but it can also sound like a bad idea if you sleep in a cold environment.



Silk is a natural protein fiber made from the cocoon of a silkworm and can absorb a lot of moisture. This means a lot of sweat, which means that when we sweat at night, it absorbs more moisture than other fabrics such as cotton or wool. However, sweat can easily contaminate and weaken the silk, so you should clean all substances that come into contact with your skin regularly.

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