Skin Care

Stretch marks cause discomfort and an unsightly blemish. The overall dryness of the stretch marked skin causes burning sensations and itchiness. Stretch marks are a regular occurrence especially to pregnant women and people who have reached puberty. Rapid growth is the common thing in both situations. There different options if you want to remove stretch marks from your bodies. Below is a list of effective ways to eliminate stretch marks.

Laser Surgery

It is the most powerful procedure for removing striae appearance. The disadvantage of this method is there is no guarantee that your problem will go away, and it is very expensive. This method is the best if you have money.

Stretch Marks Creams.

These are becoming one of the most preferred ways of removing stretch marks. The reason is that they are less troublesome and less painful than the medical procedures. Some of them are more efficient and less expensive. You realize an incredible change as little as one and half month if you use the right stretch mark cream.

Lemon Juice

lemonPeople believe lemon juice helps in removing scars. There might be some truths to the claims though it is not a well-known treatment. Redness and fading away of the skin can be solved by applying the acid from the lemon juice. For those looking for a natural solution for stretch marks could try the lemon juice as it is safe and natural.

Vitamin E Oil

Pregnant women sometimes use vitamin E oil to prevent the occurrence of striae. It improves the skin elasticity, so it reduces their appearance as believed by some experts. Vitamin E is beneficial for the treatment of new striae, and it is crucial to know that before choosing it to get rid of your problem area.

Diet And Exercises

Follow the right diet and having an effective exercising routine will suppress the development and also removal of stretch marks. A better diet consists of essential fats. It is advisable to avoid fatty acid rich foods that seem to collect their fat in your thighs and buttocks. Eat foods like vegetables and fish and fruits are available to make your skin glow.

It is best to ensure that you do not do a lot of exercises when it comes to following a routine. It is vital if you are a body builder. You can end up with stretch marks where new muscles grow if your skin is not healthy enough as body build speeds up the process of muscle growth.